Monday, August 3, 2009


Feeling Envy
Hearing The Prince piano practice

I held a baby today...

A beautiful, happy, squishy, healthy, fat baby.

I held a baby today...

And oh how I wish he was mine.


  1. some envy, some wishing, but you are a wonderful mother..nothing ever stands in the way of that. And I do believe one day your family will be complete to you, for you...but the definition of complete may change.

  2. I like how Mary said this, Erin; I will second that

    hugs to you!


  3. Erin... I miss you blogging! I finally returned. :-) Mary said that beautifully... It took my mom 12 years after me, but there is more hope nowadays. Maybe you can go to the next level with the IVF. It will work out how it is meant to be...


    be well....

  4. What a sweet sentiment... a love for a baby that you long for... brings tears to my eyes. Wish you'd write more often.