Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The end...

Feeling Content
Hearing Tiny Baby Snores

It is time to move on from here.

I am no longer enduring my monthly heartbreak.

Miraculously this time last year I found out I was pregnant. The Crown Prince had just turned 10 and I was almost 38 and I was pregnant!!!

Pregnancy was awful. I worried and stressed and stressed and worried the whole pregnancy. I had every pregnancy malady in the book. I so wanted to enjoy being pregnant (as I knew it would be my last pregnancy) but it was not happening.

On February 25 I gave birth to sweet Harper Katherine! She is adored and loved beyond measure in our home.

I still grieve for the babies we will never know but rejoice in this sweet girl every day!

I am still blogging a bit...I am on Tumblr now...find me HERE!