Friday, March 28, 2008

A little history

Feeling Quiet
Hearing Silence

When I miscarried the first time I didn’t write about it.

I had not yet started this journal.

I did start reading a few other journals at the time where the authors talked about their own miscarriages.

Those journals were a lifeline to me then as I was so lost and alone.

Those journals inspired me to start this journal over two years ago.

I have talked about my previous miscarriage in this journal but mostly in entries about our secondary infertility struggles.

This time I want to write about the miscarriage…the physical and the emotional aspects.

The writing has already started to help me in my healing process and I can only hope that maybe my words will help someone else who is going through this not feel so alone.

In my previous entries where I noted that these entries were more for my benefit than for anyone else’s what I meant was that even though I always write my entries for me these entries will be filled with some very personal information and be a bit depressing for others to read.

I have some regular readers who comment pretty faithfully but my feelings will not be hurt if you choose not to comment on these entries as I know how hard it is to know what to say to someone dealing with miscarriage.