Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Monthly Heartbreak

Feeling Quiet
Hearing Football on tv

I have another blog ( Gillie Time ) and have from time to time touched on my desire to have another child and all the heartbreak that goes with it.

The main focus of that blog is my need to share the joy that is my life. :) There have been times that I have started to write something in respect to the baby fever and stopped myself because I did not feel that Gillie Time was the appropriate forum for those "rants".

I have copied all my "infertility" and "miscarriage" entries from Gillie Time to this blog and will use this blog to talk about that aspect of my life.

So here it is...the dirty and ugly side of me...My Monthly Heartbreak.


  1. (((Erin))) its hard; I know :(

    its okay to write about it too; its okay to be sad; its okay to want another child; its okay to even be angry; will pray for you :)


  2. If I could give you a baby I would you're such a great mother. I've not given up on you yet. I still believe there is another little angel in your future.
    Hugs, Chrissie

  3. I think this will be so great for you. I am praying for you and hope that you find the peace you are looking for!


  4. I just want you to know that I Love you.

  5. hey babe, i am here. i think this is an excellent idea! it also says about what a wife,mother and friend you are to chose to leave one as joys and one as heartache and well possible miracle! i do believe in them and i know it will happen to you.

    i'm interested in what the drs say and what they can do for you?

    ttyl cass